Mulholland Drive is a legendary strip of blacktop in Los Angeles that every native gearhead and many visiting interlopers know, love, and occasionally, fear. But few have attacked it the way Tanner Foust does in this video, taking to the section known as "The Snake" with his Rockstar Scion tC drift car.

The car isn't a true Scion tC--it's been converted to rear-wheel drive, had a 600-horsepower V-8 Toyota NASCAR engine shoehorned into it, and fitted with a pro transmission and drift-style handbrake to make the sideways bits easier to engage--if not to maintain.

Foust shows off some serious driving skill in this clip, particularly at 2:54-2:56, where he comes within a hand's width of an unforgiving guardrail, and again at 3:13-3:18, where he executes a long, 180-degree drift so geometrically perfect Euclid himself would be proud.

[Scion Racing]