So have you seen the restyled Scion xB for 2011? No? Well, you might have scene a new one on the television or maybe even at the local dealer near campus and just not notice yet. The restyled 2011 xB was announced earlier this week in a press release along with a price change announcement. The changes may not be obvious, but they will take a little bit more out of your pocket.

Most of the changes, besides the price, have come to the exterior albeit in modest ways. The front and rear bumpers have been modified along with the headlights and taillights. The most significant change is the smaller front grille with larger lower valance air intake opening. Kind of reminds us of the redesigned Mazda3 “smiling” front clip. Another change most consumers will spot, especially when one backs out of a parking space like a streak, is the removal of the single reverse lamp in favor of integrated rear lamps.

Other changes can be found in the interior cabin, which includes larger bolsters on the front seats, “geometric” patterned cloth seats, sliding center armrest and for the height challenged a telescoping steering adjustment. As for the price, Scion has added $150 to the sticker. Maybe that pays for the telescoping wheel and sliding armrest.


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