As hokey, inaccurate and downright annoying as the Fast and Furious movies can be at times, we have to recognize their place in cinematic automobilia. They are, after all, some of the only modern big-budget movies made about any aspect of car culture. And now it looks like we may be getting two more sequels.

A Facebook posting by none other than Vin "Dominic Toretto" Diesel himself is the spark behind the new rumors. Diesel posted to his status page, "If 2009's 'Fast and Furious' was chapter one, what writer Chris Morgan just delivered is Chapter 2 and chapter 3."

Though it's not clear that the two 'chapters' will be filmed as separate movies, the implication that there is more to come from the F&F franchise is clear. So what's next for the street-racing, edge-of-the-law Toretto and his on-screen partner/nemesis Paul "Brian O'Conner" Walker? What do you want to see out of another chapter in the saga? Do you want to see one at all? Let us know below.

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