It's hard to make sense of the Lexus LFA. The eye-bulging $375,000 price isn't the only hard bit of math--the V-10-into-three-pipes equation is a tad odd, too. And yet it lacks the passion that gives the Italian style of idiosyncratic supercar-dom its legitimacy.

But it's still oddly attractive, its raw engineering prowess enough to ensnare many. So perhaps that's why we just can't get enough of it; it's something we don't, or can't understand, but we'd like to. Today's Lexus LFA love comes in the form of the first Japanese-market commercial for the car.

Full of powerslides and race-trim cars running at the Nurburgring, it's a lot of visual stimulus packed into 63 seconds, and the audio is just as interesting.  Check it out for yourself, and if you can't get enough of the LFA's F1-like exhaust note and computer-controlled rev-matched downshifts, you can catch more in this video.