2010 Ford Mustang Unleashed Skater Video

2010 Ford Mustang Unleashed Skater Video

As Ford continues to develop its '10 Unleashed campaign of semi-social-media, semi-pop-culture involvement for the 2010 Mustang, the videos keep coming, and once again, they're pretty interesting. Instead of a blind man spinning impressive donuts, this time we have professional skateboarders dueling with a 2010 Mustang to see which can land the best tricks.

The Mustang has an advantage, however, given that its tricks are computer generated. Still, seeing it do massive launches off of sculpted metal skyscrapers in much the same fashion as a pro skater is fun to watch.

In the three videos below, you can see several instances of the tricks, plus a fair quantity of powersliding, burnouts and other standard muscle car fare. The third video gives a bit of an insider's perspective, following the director through some of the filming process.

At any rate, it's a fine way to spend a few minutes on a Friday afternoon.