German tuning house MTM has given the world some lightning quick creations in the past, but this time it is focusing on something a little more sedate - the Porsche Cayenne Diesel. Usually equipped with a 240hp (176kW) 3.0L V6 diesel unit, the Porsche Cayenne Diesel is hardly the most exciting car on the planet, which may be why MTM has seen fit to liberate some extra horsepower from its turbodiesel engine.

MTM is offering two engine upgrades, the first of which lifts power up to 285hp (210kW) thanks to some clever reprogramming of the ECU. The second stage of engine upgrades takes this up a notch, lifting power to a round 300hp (221kW) while torque for both upgrades improved from 405lb-ft (550Nm) to 442lb-ft (600Nm).

The extra power lifts the top speed from 133mph to 139mph, while fuel consumption remains the same. Tests haven't yet been completed for 0-62mph times, but expect slight improvements from the standard Cayenne Diesel's 8.3 second run.

A suspension kit can also be ordered that will lower the Cayenne by 45mm, along with new alloy wheels and MTM accessories such as wheel spacers. Pricing for the two engine upgrades starts at €1,450 ($2040) each, while the suspension kit will set customers back €1,500 ($2,110).