Pre-release spec sheets detailing a new performance/luxury car like the 2010 Lotus Evora are, for many fans, just a degree or two short of holy relics. For the intrepid gang at Lotus Enthusiast, they're fodder for the fires of the web, and fair game for release.

We're glad they let the data loose, too, because the story the spec sheets tell gives us every reason to look forward to the Evora's eventual U.S. debut. Acceleration stats are impressive given the car's relatively low power-to-weight ratio, just squeaking in under 5 seconds to 60mph and on to 100mph in 12.3 seconds.

Reverse the process and the Evora will come to a stop from 60mph in 110.2ft or 2.4 seconds, and from 100mph in 290.7ft or 3.9 seconds thanks to AP Racing four-piston calipers front and rear. Together with fuel economy of 27mpg US (8.7L/100km) in the combined Euro cycle - and 36mpg on the highway, the car offers a combination of sport and economy not often found at the upper end of the market.

And the Evora is definitely further up-market than the Elise and Exige it loosely resembles. Inside, the premium materials and elegant - yet still minimalist - design reflect a completely different design premise from the stark, utilitarian cockpits of the more track-oriented Lotus models.

Check out the latest photos and info on the Evora here or head over to Lotus Enthusiast to see the full spec sheets.