BMW's M3 has undergone a huge evolution since its birth with the E30 3-series. Growing in size, power and cylinder count, the latest M3 hardly bears any resemblance to its forbears. And now BMW is set to push the envelope even further with four new appearance and suspension packages dubbed the M3 Edition Models, available only on the Coupe variant.

Knowing to leave well enough alone, the powertrain of the M3 is untouched in the Edition Models, with only cosmetic enhancements and a slight lowering job on the table. The primary aesthetic changes are focused on wheels, paintwork and interior design. Dark chrome and black accents trim the kidney grille, side gills and dual tailpipes, while the side mirrors also get a black paint job.

Each of the four models comes in its own exterior color, including Alpine White non-metallic, Black non-metallic, Dakar yellow non-metallic, and Monte Carlo Blue metallic - all classic choices for the M3. Borrowing some high-gloss satin chrome trim from BMW's Individual program gives the cars a unique touch.

Inside, the cars get contrasting insert colors, 'Carbon Structure' leather trim with contrasting seams, Black Novillo leather seats, all with unique trim and stitching. Armrests and even door handles also get custom treatment with color-matched contrasting seams on the Dakar Yellow and Monte Carlo blue models. Finally, the door entry bar gets a checkered flag design and the M3 logo.

The suspension drop is the only significant mechanical change, with all of the M3 Edition Models riding 10mm lower than their standard counterparts. Each model also gets a unique 19in alloy wheel with a double-spoke design. Finish can be either standard alloy or black, while on all but the Dakar Yellow model the rims can also be had in a special white color with polished spokes.

The M3 Edition models go on sale in July, and will only be available for six months. The release of the special editions and the limited time frame tip BMW's hand to the motivation for this unexpected batch of early special editions: pumping up slumping sales.