Few cars currently in production can claim a 45-year run, and even fewer have managed to maintain excitement among drivers and fans like the Ford Mustang. This year marks the 45th year since the launch of the original, and Ford decided to mark the occasion with a contest called "The '10 Unleashed".

Roger Keeney was one of the six winners of the essay contest, which is itself extraordinary enough, but on top of that, he's was blinding in 1990 in an accident on the farm. He hadn't driven in 20 years since his accident, but as a winner of the contest, he got to do with the car as he pleased - on a closed course, of course. And in true Mustang style, he promptly set about destroying a fresh set of tires.

To help keep Keeney on the right path, racing driver Tommy Kendall was riding shotgun. Keeney related part of his experience: "Tommy said, 'When you were a teenager, did you ever do donuts?' And I said, 'Yeah.' So I got it rolling a bit in first gear, cranked it hard to the left and revved it up and popped it and did three donuts before we stopped. When we stopped, we could hear the camera crew cheering from clear across the field. I was in awe of both the car and the experience, it was truly a dream come true."

"The '10 Unleashed" campaign let fans of the pony car send in a 250 word submission describing what they'd like to do in a 2010 Mustang. You can see a video of Keeney's road to the driver's seat at the official 2010 Ford Mustang site.

Keeney's antics aren't all that's going on with the 2010 Mustang right now, however. Lee Iacocca just got his own silver 45th Anniversary version, Reed Speed turned up the boost and laid down 700hp, and the next-gen Mustang is already stirring up talk of 400hp V8s and a return of the '5.0' badge.