German outfit Irmscher has just unveiled its latest rival to the Caterham and Ariel Atom set - the new 7 Turbo. The roadster is constructed in the same vein as the Lotus Super Seven, and its focus on lightweight performance means that it should be a formidable track machine, especially in its most potent guise.

The 7 Turbo comes in four different trim levels, the most powerful being the 7 Turbo Sport. Weighing in at a paltry 725kg, in Turbo Sport guise the vehicle comes packing a 280hp (209kW) wallop, giving it an impressive power-to-weight ratio of around 390hp per ton - significantly higher than even cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 can manage.

The 7 Turbo also comes in trim levels without as much power as the Turbo Sport model, including a turbo model with around 210hp (157kW) and a naturally-aspirated model with close to 150hp (112kW). All models come with sports tires and a custom suspension system, and unlike the fairly sparse interiors of Caterhams that we're used to, the car comes with an air-conditioning system and a waterproof soft-top roof. The inside also comes with specially designed clocks and a push-start button for the engine.

To keep all the power concentrated on the road, independent front and rear differentials ensure that the car gets as much grip as possible, even in adverse conditions. For the 210hp (156kW) model, customers will be looking at a bill of around €55,000, making this is no cheap proposition as a track day special.