German racing and engineering firm Reiter Engineering has unveiled a road-going variant of its Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT racing car. Reiter Engineering is the factory-backed entry for the Lamborghini team in the FIA GT Championships, and is well known for its development of lightweight racing versions of Lamborghini supercars such as the Diablo, Gallardo and Murcielago.

Shown at the Essen Motor Show, the road-going Murcielago R-GT features a number of modifications including a new carbon-fiber front spoiler, a new rear diffuser and a prominent spoiler at the rear. One of the most obvious modifications, however, is at the rear where Reiter Engineering has moved the Lamborghini dual-exhaust to the top of the rear in line with the brake lights. This produces a strange look that may not appeal to everyone but certainly marks out the Murcielago R-GT as not your standard Lamborghini. To top it all off, a set of lightweight, black, O.Z. racing wheels also come with the show car.

The car will be sold by Reiter Engineering as a one-off piece, although the company is also likely to sell various individual parts in a limited production run. The full extent of the modifications are unknown in regards to the show car, however Reiter Engineering always removes AWD systems for their racing cars in line with racing regulations.

The proper racing variant of the Murcielago R-GT is developed by Audi Sport together with Reiter Engineering, and usually keeps the standard Murcielago V12 engine with air restrictors in place.