A mix of old and new, Golf's Mark VI GTI will also spawn some old, and some new, names when the first of three sporty versions makes its debut in October. Renewing the famous GTI, reviving the cult-favorite R brand and introducing the diesel GTD, VW is angling for just about every segment of the hot-hatch market.

First up will be the familiar GTI, refreshed for the new generation and sporting 210hp (156kW), but otherwise largely familiar features. Performance figures for the 2009 model are claimed at 7.2 seconds for the 0-62mph (0-100km/h) sprint and a top speed of 148mph (239km/h). The new GTI will begin delivery in Europe by mid-2009, but will be shown at the Paris Motor Show in October.

A diesel hot-hatch, called the GTD - no relation to the highly popular system of organization - will begin production in April, 2009, with first deliveries to follow. So far little is known about the car, but at 170hp (126kW), its torque profile should make it about as quick as the standard GTI. This all-new model will also probably build on the GTI foundation, as the trio of cars is shaping up to be a wide-ranging choice of powertrains for basically the same platform.

Finally the new R variant of the Mark VI Golf will take to the streets, built and fitted by VW Individual. Like the GTD, details are sparse at this point, but it is expected to get 270hp (201kW), AWD and a special black diffuser, according to Automotive News. Early indications hint that unlike the previous generation R32, this car will be a turbo four, not a naturally aspirate six-cylinder.

Coming up in just a few weeks in Paris, VW is planning to show its Golf BlueMotion diesel concept, rated at 61mpg US (3.8L/100km). Despite its thrifty fuel consumption, it still manages the 0-52mph (0-100km/h) jaunt in a Toyota Prius-like 11.3 seconds. The new concept car is nearly as efficient as the widely acclaimed Golf TDI Hybrid concept shown at Geneva, but much more practical and inexpensive to manufacture, since it does not require a complex hybrid drivetrain.