A new light weight roadster is currently being developed by Danish owner and builder Mikkel Steen Pedersen. The RoadRazer, as its known, will weigh just 300kg with power output of 175hp. This should enable the vehicle to reach 62mph from rest in around 3 seconds and make for a furious track car. It may even be road-legal in many countries.

Construction materials will be carbon-fibre for the bodywork and chassis with aluminium for the suspension work. The low slung roadster requires a dry-sumped engine and is push-rod operated. Drive is via a six-speed sequential gearbox and Quaife differential. No word when the concept car will be ready, though it’s expected to make an appearance in January next year at the Autosport International. Pricing will be around the £50,000 but even this is a rough estimate. More information over at PistonHeads.

[Source: PistonHeads]