Chevrolet’s exciting new WTCC Ultra race car concept has made its official debut at the Paris Motor Show, and if early comments are anything to go by, it seems GM is onto a good thing. The WTCC Ultra was designed with the goal of creating a muscle car for European tastes and to represent Chevrolet’s racing efforts in that region.

The WTCC Ultra was a GM global effort and represents the most international concept vehicle in GM history. Initial work was started in South Korea, and then the project went down to Australia where the car received its aggressive exterior characteristics. Another major project that the Aussies are working on is the process of turning the Camaro concept into a real car. Back to the WTCC Ultra – even GM Vice President Bob Lutz was involved. Finally, the British motorsport specialists, Ray Mallock Limited (RML) and GM Europe Engineering provided their input on the mechanicals.

The result was a car that features a 2L four-cylinder diesel that develops 190hp and includes variable turbine blade geometry as used by the Porsche 911 turbo. Performance is enhanced with the use modern lightweight materials, sophisticated suspension systems and carbon fiber aero parts. Special additions include the unique 20in wheels with racing slicks, LED lighting and full racing interior.