Jeep was planning to use next week’s 2016 New York Auto Show to unveil a new compact SUV to replace both the Compass and Patriot, but the brand’s CEO has confirmed the vehicle will now make its debut at an event in Brazil late this year.

Instead, Jeep will use the New York show to make an announcement regarding the Grand Cherokee.

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Speaking with The Detroit News, CEO Mike Manley said Jeep has “pretty exciting news” on the Grand Cherokee.

Manley has previously confirmed that a Grand Cherokee powered by the supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 Hellcat engine was coming, so it’s possible we’ll get a preview of the model, currently thought to be called a Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

It’s also possible we’ll see an updated version of the Grand Cherokee. Yes, Jeep plans to give its mid-size SUV another update (the last was in 2013) as an all-new model has been delayed. The new Grand Cherokee was originally due in 2017 but now won’t appear until 2018 or 2019.  

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As for the replacement for the Compass and Patriot, Manley said the new compact SUV will be revealed at Jeep’s plant in Pernambuco, Brazil, ahead of the start of production. The vehicle will either be called a Compass or Patriot, with the former most likely getting the tick because of its greater recognition in world markets. It will ride on a stretched version of the subcompact Renegade's platform and will hopefully be on sale early next year.

Manley said the new compact SUV hasn’t been delayed. He explained that Jeep wanted to unveil the vehicle in Brazil in recognition of the growing importance of the market as well as the good work done at the Brazilian plant in producing the Renegade.

“There’s no delay,” Manley told The Detroit News. “It’s just a nod to the importance of how well Brazil has done with Renegade and secondly a nod to that market and how we see it being developed.”

The New York Auto Show starts March 23. More coverage on the show can be accessed via our dedicated hub.


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