Audi’s cheapest A3 comes with a 1.6L engine but this is soon to be replaced by an even smaller 1.4L model fitted with a turbocharger. Despite the smaller capacity, the 1.4L TFSI delivers 125hp and 200Nm of torque (respectively 10hp and 45Nm more than the outgoing engine).

With the updated engine, the A3 now hits 100km/h in 9.6s – still relatively tardy but a one second boost over the old model. Top speed is 126mph but the A3 will still get 36.5mpg (US figures).

The Volkswagen Group has been pushing its forced induction engine strategy of late with multiple turbo models found in the A3 and the Golf upon which it’s based. The larger turbos include a 1.8TFSI and a 2.0TFSI. Both the standard and Sportback models will get the 1.4L engine.