The G8, GM's Pontiac-badged version of the successful Holden Commodore, was already primed to be one of America's best rear-drive sedans to date. Now it's going to be one of the most affordable as well.

Pricing of the base-level G8 will start at $27,595 and the V8 powered GT model will start at $29,995. The base-level model gets a 261hp 3.6L VVT V6 mated to a five-speed automatic, while the GT's 362hp V8 will put the power down through a six-speed auto.

These prices will put the new G8 well below the entry cost of a new Cadillac CTS, while the GT will deliver similar performance. Of course, interior design and materials quality will likely be more utility-oriented than the luxury CTS, but between the two cars GM has the makings of an excellent line of rear-drive performance sedans. Here's hoping that this is just the beginning.