Hyundai has finally dropped some official info on its future RWD coupe and has released a preview of the new model in the form of this concept teaser sketch. The final production version is expected to debut late next year as a 2009 model but a near-production concept version will be unveiled at next month’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

Officials admit the lines in this teaser are ‘exaggerated’ but that it still hints at the design direction for a future RWD sports coupe from Hyundai.

The new car will replace the current FWD Tiburon coupe but will feature a much more powerful V6 engine and possibly the new ‘Tau’ V8 powerplant for a flagship model. Developers are expected to use Hyundai’s 3.8L V6, which develops 260hp and 348Nm of torque in current guises. There’s also talk of a smaller 2.0L turbocharged motor in the works for European markets.