Radical Sportscars is a UK-based carmaker and motorsports company famous for building a range of open-cockpit track cars, which also happen to be street-legal. One of its cars, the SR8, currently holds the record for the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a street-legal car with a blistering time of 6m 55s.

The SR8, along with its smaller SR5 sibling, is now due for an update, with both cars expected to make their debut at the Autosport International in January. Changes to the cars include a new aero package with a new nose and diffusers plus an updated cooling system.

Many of the technologies introduced on the SR9 Le Mans prototype will also make its way onto the production SR5 and SR8. The SR5 gets a more powerful K20A Powertec Honda engine, a Hewland transaxle, and a Powertec semi-automatic transmission. The SR8, meanwhile, gets a new eight-throttle body induction system plus a Powertec RPA 2.6L V8 delivering 380hp.

Pictured above is a track-only version of the SR8, complete with a 455hp 2.8L Powertec RPB engine. The complete powerplant weighs just 88kg, and includes a four-pump dry sump system with two oil pressure pumps and integral rotary vane water pump. Below is a video of the SR8 achieving its amazing Nürburgring record.


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