We already saw one of the hottest R8s yet just the other day, thanks to Audi itself, in the form of the R8 V12 TDI. Today Edo Competition brings us a different kind of modified Audi R8 - one that shares a little more in common with the original. In fact, the subtle tuning and tasteful effects added to the car might slip right under the radar of someone not already intimately familiar with the R8.

A massaged exhaust system increases output to 442hp, a 22hp increase, and also ups torque by 20Nm to 450Nm. This drops the 0-100km/h time down to just 4.5s. Maximum speed of the Edo R8 is listed as an approximate 310km/h. All of these benefits from nothing but a weight reduction of 8kg and new tri-metal sport catalysts.

In the appearance department new 20-inch rims wrapped in 235/30 rubber up front and 305/20 rubber in the back are an optional upgrade from Edo's standard 19-inch rims wrapped in similarly sized rubber. Custom paint can be applied at the customer's request. Aerodynamic mods are likewise performance-oriented and understated in appearance: a carbon lip spoiler up front, a carbon diffuser under the rear bumper and a few other carbon accents for improved looks and lightness.

No word on the price all these upgrades will cost, but if you already have an R8 and are looking for a little something extra while retaining the Audi's tasteful elegance, this package could be what you're looking for.

Via: WorldCarFans