With fuel prices continuing to rise ever steeper, even enthusiasts have to start considering downsizing to a smaller more fuel efficient model. Thankfully, tuners like Steeda are there to ensure that increased fuel economy doesn’t have to come at the cost of performance. With the addition of a positive displacement Roots-type supercharger, cold air intake and a high-flow exhaust system, Steeda lifts output of the normally mundane V6 Mustang to an impressive 355hp and 365lb-ft. of torque.

The lighter V6 also benefits from a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution and with an optional suspension and brake pack, comprised of custom lower trailing arms, 14in slotted rotors and adjustable front and rear swaybars, the Steeda QS6 will be able to take full advantage of all that extra power.

To dress up the car, designers added a custom front fascia, Steeda badging and stripes and an effective rear wing with carbon fiber winglets. The interior continues the muscle car theme with billet aluminum trim and a Stewart Warner performance gauge cluster.