More rumors suggesting Americans will soon be seeing the Australian-built Holden VE Ute Stateside have flared up again, with GM insiders claiming the utility will be sold as the new Pontiac G8 ST sometime later this year or early next year. Unfortunately, these same insiders claim plans for a G8 sports wagon have been dropped.

According to the source, the G8 ST Ute’s combination of distinctive styling, performance and reasonable price (the Ute is cheaper than the sedan in its homeland) will help build Pontiac’s image in markets where the brand is often overlooked. The wagon was ruled out because of America’s preference for SUVs and crossovers, reports MotorTrend.

If it does make its way to the U.S., the engine lineup will be identical to that of the sedan. This means either a 256hp V6 or a 361hp V8. Hopefully GM will also bring the high performance HSV version as well. These come with a 411hp LS2 V8, six-speed manual or automatic transmissions, plus uprated suspension and brakes.