Five young men were killed early Saturday at Greystone Airport in Florida when the car they were traveling in, a BMW M5 saloon, crashed in a high speed accident after being driven on the actual airport strip. Behind the wheel was 18-year-old Joshua D. Ammirato and riding along in the car was four of his friends who were returning from a party.

According to local news source Ocala, the car skidded at the end of the runway, turned sideways and then sailed up an embankment before crashing into a tree and bursting into flames. The car, which was registered to Ammirato’s father, broke into two pieces after hitting the tree. Details are still being released but it’s thought alcohol was involved and the speed at which the car would have been traveling is still being determined.

Interestingly, Ammirato posted messages on a M5 forum only 12 hours before the crash seeking advice on how to shift gears smoothly when the car was in its max 500hp setting. Some of his posts included: "The problem is when I'm going pedal to the metal pushing 140 and upshifting, there tends to be thud noise with the gear change," and “I am beginner when it comes to high performance cars as I am only 18”.