BMW M3 ripped in two from high speed crash

BMW M3 ripped in two from high speed crash

A 29-year old man in West Palm Beach, Florida died instantly when he was thrown from his car, an E92 BMW M3 Coupe, during a crash yesterday morning.

By the looks of the aftermath the driver, a man by the name of Daniel Portela, didn’t stand a chance, especially when you consider that his car was torn in two from the accident. Each piece also ended up on different sides of the road. 

Local police claim the driver lost control during a curve, sending the car into a nearby tree.

The accident is still being investigated though there’s allegations that alcohol was involved and the remains strongly suggest that high-speed was also a factor. 

Stories like this once again highlight the important fact that high-speed driving should be reserved for track days only and not public roads, no matter your skill level behind the wheel.

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