Nissan GT-R involved in fatal crash in Germany

Nissan GT-R involved in fatal crash in Germany

We’ve reported on plenty of supercar crashes in the past but apart from a few egos, and possibly wallets, being hurt, everyone is generally okay in the end.

This time we’re sad to report that a 31-year old German man suffered a fatal crash in a Nissan GT-R while going around a dangerous curve in the Eppan region of Italy. Another 14 people in the bus he collided with were also injured, with everything from small cuts and abrasions to cervical trauma being reported.

From the amount of damage inflicted on the front-end of his dark grey GT-R it’s safe to assume the driver must have been traveling at some speed when the accident occurred. It took rescuers hours to free the driver from the mangled mess but he was already dead by the time they got to him.

Stories like this once again highlight the important fact that high-speed driving should be reserved for track days only and not public roads, no matter your skill level--real or perceived--behind the wheel.