Four young men are dead and two people seriously injured after a crash in Malaysia earlier today that involved two Nissan GT-R supercars. The accident happened at about 4 am local time on a road near the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.

The two cars, alleged to be speeding, lost control in wet conditions and crashed into roadside trees. Four of the occupants, the driver and front passenger of each car, died at the scene.

A pair of passengers sitting in the back of one of the cars, a man and a woman, were seriously injured and taken to hospital.

According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, the driver of one of the GT-Rs was 24-year-old businessman Tan Kah Yong, and his front-seat passenger was a 26-year-old Chinese resident named Bao Shanshan. The other GT-R was driven by a 20-year old, Go Haw Wei, who was traveling with 21-year-old Koay Khor Liang in the front passenger seat.

Police are still investigating the matter, though the severity of the crash and age of the drivers points to too much speed and possibly a lack of experience. This latest crash serves as a grim reminder that speeding should be left to a race track, especially when conditions are far from ideal.

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