When it comes to crashes between a driving school car and another vehicle, the blame generally goes to the student driver. We don’t know for sure what happened in the accident pictured below, but from the look of things it involved a student driver in a Perodua Kancil and a non-student driver in a newer  Nissan GT-R.

As Carscoop explains, the Perodua Kancil (sold as a Daihatsu Mira in other markets) carries an “L” sticker, advising drivers to give the car a wide berth. In Malaysia, where the crash took place, the Kancil is usually the car of choice for teaching drivers the fine art of manual-transmission driving.

Although the Kancil has been, ironically, canceled by Perodua, its still a popular driving school car due to its low cost, diminutive size and modest horsepower. We’re no experts, but we’d say (with the help of Wikipedia) the black bumpers and door trim make this a Kancil 660EX, which packs a ground-pounding 31 horsepower.

While no further details are available, it appears as though both drivers escaped injury, leaving the details for the insurance company to sort out. We’re pretty sure this isn’t going to boost the student driver’s confidence any, but we’re absolutely sure the GT-R driver will be more cautious around L-labeled cars in the future.

Photo credit: Mohammed Firdaus Kamal, via Facebook