Bad driving

  • Nissan GT-R crash in Malaysia - image: Mohammed Firdaus Kamal

    When it comes to crashes between a driving school car and another vehicle, the blame generally goes to the student driver. We don’t know for sure what happened in the accident pictured below, but from the look of things it involved a student driver in a Perodua Kancil and a non-student driver in a newer Nissan GT-R. As Carscoop explains, the Perodua Kancil (sold as a Daihatsu Mira in other markets) carries an “L” sticker, advising drivers to give the car a wide berth. In Malaysia, where the crash took place, the Kancil is usually the car of choice for teaching drivers the...

  • Crazy driver tries to take out motorcyclists on the freeway
    Driver Goes Nuts, Tries To Take Out Motorcyclists On Freeway: Video

    Warning: Video contains some NSFW language As drivers we have certain responsibilities on the road. One of those responsibilities is to not run people over on purpose. Unlike the driver in this video, most of us usually adhere to that rule pretty well. It's unclear what exactly set off this...

  • 2011 Chevrolet Caprice Police Car
    Does Driving Over Someone's Toes Merit A Seven-Year Sentence?

    Are any American readers planning a visit to Norway in the near future? If so, allow us to offer up some free advice: you may want to avoid wearing anything with an American flag, and if anyone asks where you’re from, just answer “Canada.” Why? Because at the moment, a Norwegian...

  • BMW Pathfinder "micronavigation" system prototype
    GPS Racing: Over 7 Million Brits Try And Beat The Sat Nav

    How long will a journey take from point A to point B? To get the answer, many of us will punch the destination into our GPS satellite navigation devices which give us an estimated time of arrival (ETA). However, a new survey thinks that subconsciously trying to beat the displayed ETA could be...

  • Ferrari driver fails wet skid pad test
    Video: This Guy Needs To Learn The Throttle Pedal Isn't An On-Off Switch

    Ferraris sounds gorgeous at full throttle, and they can do some pretty impressive things in the right hands. This guy does not have the right hands--or feet. In a very good demonstration of why the throttle pedal should not be considered an on-off switch, this Ferrari driver's wet skidpad antics...

  • George Michael
    Whammer In The Slammer: George Michael Gets Jail Time For Driving While High As A Kite

    You know how it goes: you're at a party having a couple of brews, then you utter a few careless whispers, things get a little too funky, and -- boom -- next thing you know, you're slumped across the leather seat of a Range Rover, being roughed up by policemen. (Not in the good way.) We've all been...

  • George Michael

    So, George Michael: Britain's death-wishy answer to Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, and Kevin Spacey. He's like the holiday turducken no one wants to eat. This photo says it all, right? We think it was taken the night that he crashed his Land Rover through the front window of a photo shop. (Side note: yes, they still have photo shops in Britain.) But it could've been shot any random night in Michael's one-man crazytown. From where we sit, it makes him look a little like post-apocafacelift Mary Tyler Moore. Which should be a warning to anybody. George, if you're reading this, we're thinking...

  • Angry Driver with Road Rage
    Bad Driving Gene Discovered?

    People that can't keep from crashing may have a genetic excuse, according to data from UC Irvine.

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