Four years after being discontinued the Oldsmobile name still carries some cachet as evidenced by a new survey, which quizzed respondents on the brands they most wanted to see revived. Oldsmobile ending up beating a number of other deceased car brands to take out sixth place overall in the results. Other American car brands Studebaker and Plymouth also made the list, taking out the 11th and 14th spots respectively.

The results of the BrandJunkie survey were a little skewed as the age of respondents had a major effect on the answers provide. Younger generations answered that they hadn’t experienced any memorable brand deaths yet or chose tech-related brands such as Netscape and Cingular as these were the old brands familiar to them. At the other end of the scale, older respondents voted for brands that had they heyday generations ago. Surprisingly, most people don’t want any brands resurrected.

The brands that topped the list are as follows:

1. None

2. Pan Am


4. TWA

5. Cingular

6. Oldsmobile

7. Marathon

8. Compaq

8. IBM

9. MG

9. Polaroid

9. Baniff

10. Eaton's

11. Studebaker

12. Netscape

13. Ansett

13. Fresca

14. Amena

14. Plymouth

14. TAB

(Picture courtesy GM/Wikipedia)