The Citroen 2CV was one of Citroen's most iconic cars and became famous the world over for its distinctive looks and budget price. Affectionately nicknamed the 'Duck', the 2CV ended production in 1990 but a recent design study shows what the future may hold for the car if it’s ever revived.

Keeping the styling modern yet faithful to the original 2CV would have been a tough bill but the designer seems to have done it with the strongly arched roof line and sloping hood. In this respect, it looks similar to the C3 Pluriel, which also had a strongly arched roof line. The modern 2CV also gets partially covered rear-wheels as another throwback to its predecessor, but it has evolved in several ways - the concept 2CV has no B-pillar and the steering wheel gets two spokes instead of the usual one.

Power comes from the C2's engine, a 1.0L, three-cylinder unit putting out around 70hp. While there’s no word from Citroen about any future 2CV's, it seems the market is currently gravitating towards small, economical cars with a retro touch. Head over to Auto Motor und Sport to see a number of other sketches of the modern-day 2CV.