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If you're the type that can't get enough of special UK-edition Volkswagens, the Golf GTI Pirelli is just the fix you're looking for. Bringing back the GTI Pirelli edition 25 years after it first hit the UK, the new model gets almost all of the features of the 1,500 unit limited-run Golf GTI Edition 30 from early 2007, plus the goodness of Pirelli branding inside and out.

Zero to sixty times squeeze down to just 6.8 seconds from 7.2 seconds thanks to a 30hp bump from stock, bringing the 2.0L TFSI engine up to 230hp. The extra grunt gives a little more top-end as well, the speedometer wrapping around to 152mph instead of the standard 146mph.

The interior gets a high-contrast black and yellow themed interior with plenty of Pirelli badging to remind the occupants exactly what sort of Golf they're riding in. The seats are half-covered in leather and feature tire-tread designs down their middles.

Eighteen-inch alloy wheels swell to fill the wells. Wrapped in 225/40R18 Pirelli P-Zeros - what else would you expect? - this special edition Golf should stick as well as it goes. Custom bodywork, including the front splitter, side skirts and rear bumper all get body-colored treatment. Tinted rear lamp lenses and windows add to the custom look.

Prices range from £22,555 (US$44,500) for a six-speed manual-equipped three-door on up to £24,385 (US$48,040) for the five-door fitted with a six-speed DSG.