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  • VLF Force 1 V10 - Photo credit: Gooding & Company

    Here's your chance to own a Henrik Fisker-designed, Dodge Viper-based supercar.

  • VLF Force 1 V10
    VLF has ample supply of Dodge Vipers for Force 1 conversions

    Despite production of the Dodge Viper coming to an end on August 31, VLF Automotive has an ample supply of the cars for converting into the Force 1 V10. The American coachbuilder first showed the Viper-based Force 1 V10 coupe at the 2016 Detroit auto show. The company followed up with the Force 1...

  • VLF Humvee C-Series
    Bob Lutz is now selling new Hummer H1s in China

    China's increasingly crowded roads might not seem like the ideal location for hulking military derived off-road vehicles, but don't tell Bob Lutz or his company that. VLF Automotive is officially selling carbon copies of the Hummer H1 in the people's republic. Wealthy Chinese customers have...

  • VLF Force 1 V10 Roadster, 2017 Shanghai auto show
    VLF Force 1 V10 Roadster revealed at 2017 Shanghai auto show

    Dodge never released an open-top version of the current Viper, and soon the car will be out of production—this time for good. However, you can now place an order for a car very similar to what an open-top fifth-generation Viper might have been like. The car is the VLF Force 1 V10 Roadster...

  • 2017 VLF Rocket V8
    Mustang-based Rocket super muscle car added to VLF lineup

    Remember the Galpin Rocket? The 725-horsepower beast based on the sixth-generation Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Mustang, co-designed by Galpin Auto Sports and Henrik Fisker. Unveiled at the 2014 Los Angeles auto show, the car turned out to be quite a hit and was even selected for the opening scene...

  • VLF X-Series, 2017 Detroit auto show
    VLF turns Chevy Colorado into Hummer H2-esque off-roader

    Believe it or not but this orange monster comes from a company backed by the man who designed cars like the Aston Martin Vantage, BMW Z8 and Fisker Karma. That man, of course, is Henrik Fisker, and this orange SUV is the X-Series from VLF Automotive, the coachbuilder run by Fisker in partnership...

  • VLF Destino

    It’s been almost three and a half years since industry veteran Bob Lutz showed up at the Detroit Auto Show with a Fisker Karma sedan whose extended-range electric drivetrain was stripped out and replaced by a supercharged V-8 engine normally found in the C6 Corvette ZR1 supercar. Lutz is now selling the V-8-powered Karmas, which he has renamed the Destino. He’s offering the cars under the new brand VLF, which he started in partnership with designer Henrik Fisker and entrepreneur Gilbert Villereal. Fisker of course was the designer of the original Karma. ALSO SEE: 10 things the...

  • VLF Force 1 V10, 2016 Detroit auto show
    VLF unveils Dodge Viper-based Force 1 supercar in Detroit

    The Force 1 supercar designed by Henrik Fisker and developed together with VLF Automotive (formerly VL) has been unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, and it turned out the car is based on a donor Dodge Viper. You’d be hard pressed to guess the two are related, though, thanks to the Force...

  • Teaser for VLF Force 1 debuting at 2016 Detroit Auto Show
    VLF Teases V-10-Powered Force 1 Supercar, Reveal Coming Soon

    Henrik Fisker recently teamed up with VL Automotive (now VLF), the company turning Fisker Karmas into Corvette-powered hot rods, as both lead designer and a shareholder. He’s also designed a new supercar called the Force 1 that will debut later today at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and is...

  • From left to right: Gilbert Villarreal, Bob Lutz, Henrik Fisker
    VL Automotive rebranded VLF as Henrik Fisker joins ranks

    VL Automotive, founded by industry stalwart Bob Lutz and industrialist Gilbert Villarreal, made headlines in the recent past because of radical plans to sell Karma sedans from bankrupt automaker Fisker Automotive that are stripped of their hybrid systems and powered instead by Corvette V-8s. Now...

  • WM Destino
    Bob Lutz Says V-8-Powered Karma Could Be World’s Fastest Sedan

    Bob Lutz and his business partner Gilbert Villereal remain committed to delivering Fisker Karma sedans that have had their extended-range electric drivetrains replaced by good ol’ V-8 engines, in this case the supercharged 6.2-liter LS9 V-8 from the previous Corvette ZR1 supercar. Considering...

  • WM Destino
    V-8-Powered Karma To Be Sold Under WM Brand Following VL Automotive's Merger With WM GreenTech

    VL Automotive, founded by former GM exec Bob Lutz and industrialist Gilbert Villarreal, has made headlines in the recent past because of its plans to sell Fisker Karma sedans stripped of their electric drivetrains and powered by Corvette V-8s. The modified Karmas were to feature the Destino name...

  • VL-Automotive Destino

    The American arm of Chinese auto parts supplier Wanxiang, Wanxiang America Corporation, recently won the rights to Fisker’s assets in a deal valued at $149.2 million, which was approved by the Delaware court overseeing Fisker’s bankruptcy on Tuesday. Information about Wanxiang’s plans for Fisker’s assets that was contained in documents supplied to the court has now been revealed. According to the documents, which were obtained by Reuters, Wanxiang plans to team up with America’s VL Automotive, a startup formed by Bob Lutz and Gilbert Villarreal that plans to sell...

  • VL Destino Convertible live photos, 2014 Detroit Auto Show
    VL Automotive Destino Red Convertible Concept: Live Photos From Detroit

    As business plans go, taking Fisker's attractive Karma sedan and dropping a GM V-8 engine under the hood is quite a good one. Not only do you have yourself a fast luxury sedan, but an uncomplicated one too--not something that can be said of the original Karma. The above business plan can be...

  • VL Destino convertible concept rendering
    VL Destino Convertible Set For 2014 Detroit Auto Show Debut

    VL Automotive will unveil a convertible version of its Karma-based hot rod at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

  • VL Automotive Destino with Bob Lutz at 2013 Detroit Auto Show
    VL’s V-8 Fisker Karma Project On Track, Additional Bodystyle Planned

    At the Detroit Auto Show at the start of this year, industry veteran Bob Lutz presented a Fisker Karma concept powered by a Corvette V-8 engine. The car was a preview of a new luxury sedan called the Destino that Lutz and other investors planned to launch under the VL name. The last we heard...

  • VL Automotive Destino with Bob Lutz at 2013 Detroit Auto Show
    Bob Lutz Says V-8-Powered Karma Plans Are Safe Despite Fisker Woes

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, you have probably heard that Fisker Automotive is in a spot of trouble. Production of its Karma extended-range electric sedan ceased last year following the bankruptcy of the car’s battery supplier, A123 Systems. And...

  • VL Automotive Destino with Bob Lutz at 2013 Detroit Auto Show
    VL Automotive Destino Live Photos: 2013 Detroit Auto Show

    Teething problems of its plug-in hybrid drivetrain aside, it’s likely that we can all agree on one thing: the Fisker Karma is a good-looking car. Its design may not be breathtaking, but its tastefully-penned lines will likely look as good in ten years as they do today. “If only,”...

  • VL-Automotive Destino

    When he’s not busy consulting for General Motors or helping to get an electric car startup running, the inexorable Bob Lutz is doing all the really cool things we’ve often pondered but never actually got around to doing. Whether it’s mastering multiple languages, flying jet planes or developing cars like the Dodge Viper, Lutz has done it all. He’s even had a go at authoring a couple of books. Now Lutz has done something we’re sure many of you, at least at one point, have considered a brilliant idea: swapping the complex and heavy extended-range electric...

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