• Yokohama is rolling out a series of vintage-styled tires for classic cars | Yokohama photos

    Yokohama's G.T. Special Y350 will be launched in Europe, but some have already made their way to the U.S.

  • BMW Winter Tires
    BMW shows why winter tires are worth the money

    Drag race, slalom, and braking tests show how much better winter tires perform in snowy conditions, and their limitations in the summer.

  • Continental Conti C.A.R.E. tire concept
    Continental's latest tire concept inflates itself as it rolls

    Continental sees the tires as a perfect fit for self-driving cars.

  • Sumitomo electricity-generating tire concept
    Sumitomo concept tire generates electricity as it rolls

    Imagine you could recapture some of the energy lost through your tires whenever you go for a drive. The tire companies are working on it and the latest to unveil a promising tire energy regeneration concept is Sumitomo. Working with researchers from Kansai University in Osaka, Japan, Sumitomo has...

  • How to read tires, Engineering Explained
    What do the numbers on a tire mean?

    From size to speed and load ratings to specific automaker stampings to batch numbers, Engineering Explained describes what all those tire markings mean.

  • Nitrogen-filled tires vs compressed air
    Here's the difference between tires filled with nitrogen and compressed air

    You may have noticed in the past few years, tire shops and mechanics will advertise nitrogen tire fills rather than traditional compressed air. While some may advertise somewhat true benefits, this video explains what exactly are the benefits of filling your tires with nitrogen instead of...

  • What's inside an F1 tire

    Ever wondered what the inside of a Formula 1 tire looked like? One YouTuber has managed to find out, though only after a lot of painstaking grinding and cutting.

  • 2020 Ford Explorer hybrid
    2020 Ford Explorer fights punctures with self-sealing tires

    The 2020 Ford Explorer will do its darnedest to make sure a tire puncture won't immediately put a driver on the side of the road with self-sealing tires from Michelin. Michelin's self-sealing tires aren't new—they were developed for the Chevrolet Bolt EV—but the 2020 Explorer marks the...

  • Goodyear Aero tire concept for flying cars
    Goodyear creates concept tires that can act as propellers for flying cars

    If the future does, in fact, include flying cars as a new sort of transportation method, it's best to have equipment that can handle both roads and flight. Goodyear is aiming to solve this problem with a new concept tire it debuted at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show this week. It's called...

  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire fitted to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    Michelin wants to replace oil with wood in tires

    Wooden tires don't have the best ring to them, but Michelin firmly believes they'll be a reality in 2020. The French tire maker told Motoring in a report published this month of its plans to introduce wood into tires, and it's all about moving away from oil. Cyrille Roget, Michelin's worldwide...

  • Michelin Premier A/S tire with EverGrip technology
    Michelin working on tires rated to 300 MPH

    Supercars have become hypercars, and with that moniker upgrade we've seen a move to insane performance figures. The idea of a sub-2.0 seconds for the 0-60 mph run is being discussed while the other end of the speed spectrum has production vehicles knocking on the door of 280 mph and beyond. This is...

  • Michelin Tweel is available for use on UTVs
    The Michelin Tweel airless tire is now available for UTVs

    The Tweel (a portmanteau of tire and wheel) has been a concept in the tire industry for some time now. If you're not familiar with that term, it refers to an airless tire. Michelin has been developing its Tweel for over 10 years and first launched a commercial version six years ago for skid steer...

  • Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance prototype tire with Electric Drive Technology

    Tires are a critical component of the driving experience, and electric cars bring their own challenges. Battery-electric vehicles weigh more, produce greater torque than traditional vehicles from a stop, and usually require low rolling resistance. Goodyear has a future tire solution in development that addresses these issues. Goodyear calls it the "EfficientGrip Performance prototype tire with Electric Drive Technology." The company designed the tire to handle vast amounts of torque, improve electric driving range, support heavier vehicle weights, and deliver quieter operation. The prototype...

  • Pirelli cyber tire infographic
    Pirelli Cyber Car tire will soon talk to your car

    While Goodyear envisions a future tire that cleans as it rolls, Pirelli's latest tire is set to arrive this year. It's called Cyber Car and it's a tire that connects the rubber with the car and provides loads of information and data. With the latest Pirelli innovation, the tire can relay...

  • Goodyear Oxygene concept tire
    Goodyear Oxygene concept tire cleans the air as it rolls

    The concept of tires hasn't changed radically for decades: they're round, they roll, they hold up your car. Companies have managed to manufacture better quality compounds and produce tires that grip, stop, and handle superbly, but Goodyear has a totally different idea for the future of the tire...

  • 2018 BMW M5's custom Pirelli tires
    Get a grip: 2018 BMW M5 rides on specially engineered Pirelli P Zero tires

    BMW announced on Tuesday it had smashed the record for the longest-sustained drift of 232.5 miles with the 2018 M5, but a tailored set of rubber helped get the job done with BMW driving instructor Johan Schwartz behind the wheel. The new M5 runs a set of specially engineered Pirelli P Zero 20-inch...

  • Summer tires vs winter tires in cold and dry temperatures
    Do winter tires help when it's dry and cold?

    For those who reside in snowy and icy climates, winter tires are often the go-to patches of rubber to ensure optimal performance. However, the U.S. has plenty of areas that dip below freezing but don't necessarily see precipitation. Even areas that get snow don't have it all the time. And yet...

  • Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride concept, 2017 Tokyo Motor Show
    Toyota eyes airless tires for future electric cars

    Many companies have shown airless tire concepts—Polaris is the only company to actually commercialize them—but the technology is yet to reach any sort of mass adoption in the automotive sector. If Toyota has its way, future electric cars from the company will run airless tires to help...

  • Pirelli Collezione tires for vintage European sports cars

    Tires, though often overlooked, can make or break a car. Much of a car's character can be found in the patches of rubber that we sometimes take for granted. It's why selecting tires for vintage sports cars can be so painstakingly difficult, and sometimes nearly impossible. Pirelli aims to ease that level of difficulty with the announcement of its "Collezione" range or tires developed specifically for vintage European sports cars built between the mid-1950s and late 1970s. Much has changed since many European sports cars rolled off the assembly line, including tire technology. Pirelli has...

  • ContiAdapt and ContiSense concept tires
    Continental looks to improve safety with its latest tire concepts

    It's always amazing to see what tire manufacturers are dreaming up for the future. Most of the time, it's a concept based in the distant future when nano bots are able to repair your self-healing tires as your autonomous pod whisks you to an AI-controlled beachfront home. This time, however...

  • Tires, by Flickr user Jayme del Rosario (Used under CC License)
    Say goodbye to flat tires thanks to a self-healing rubber from Harvard

    It's a situation drivers are all too familiar with: cruising along the road when suddenly a tire goes flat. Curse words, struggles, and inconvenience ensue. Researchers at Harvard University have developed a potential solution that could put flat tires, and the baggage that comes with them, in the...

  • Bugatti Chiron first drive
    Bugatti Chiron can't go over 300 MPH because no tire can handle it

    The Bugatti Chiron had big shoes to fill when it arrived to replace the beloved Veyron. So far, it's showed it has the credentials to be a proper follow-up act. However, no one has been able to fully experience the true speeds the 1,480-horsepower hypercar is capable of. That's because no tire is...

  • Explaining the differences between 17, 18, and 19-inch tires
    Finding the difference between 17-, 18- and 19-inch tires

    There's a balance to be found when you're on the hunt for a set of wheels and tires for your vehicle. Do you prioritize comfort over performance? Are you looking to increase the handling capability and feel of your car? Perhaps you want to wind up somewhere in the middle of the two ends of the...

  • Infiniti Q60 Project Black S concept, 2017 Geneva auto show
    Infiniti's Q60 Project Black S will wear special-made Pirelli tires

    Sitting at each corner of a production-bound Infiniti Q60 Black S will be Pirelli rubber. Both Infiniti and Pirelli used the previous weekend's 2017 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix as a stage to announce the new partnership. If you'll recall, the Project Black S began life as a pretty wild concept...

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