Luxury automakers have worked to spruce up the dealership service experience as an ownership perk, but now Firestone is offering similar white-glove service—no matter what you drive.

Firestone Direct is a mobile vehicle-maintenance service that brings technicians and tools to your driveway. With coronavirus-safe, contact-free protocols, of course.

The service offers fluid and filter changes, tire repair and replacement, battery check and replacement, and more, the company said Wednesday in a press release. Technicians wear full personal protective equipment—including gloves and masks—at all times, and will dispose of any waste, Firestone said.

Firestone Direct

Firestone Direct

Specially-equipped vans house all of the necessary tools, including a tire-balancing system and a vacuum-style oil-collection system that sucks oil through a dipstick port, minimizing the potential for spills, Firestone said. Customers can set up appointments online or over the phone, and pay via Text-2-Pay on their smartphones.

The only requirement for customers is a clean and flat surface with enough clearance to access and lift the car being worked on, Firestone said. Parking lots are also an option, Firestone said, allowing customers to schedule appointments at their workplaces. So if you've got that kind of space, you can have your car worked on without having to worry about it being damaged within the tight confines of a repair shop, all while maintaining social distancing.

However, Firestone Direct isn't available nationwide—yet. It launched in Nashville and Atlanta, then expanded to Orlando and Tampa earlier this month. Firestone plans to expand nationwide by 2023, using the 2,200 service centers of parent company Bridgestone.