Pirelli has introduced a new generation of its Cinturato P7 summer tires that, the company claims, can adapt to different temperatures and driving conditions.

As a performance-oriented summer tire, the previous-generation Cinturato P7 had a fairly narrow bandwidth. It was considered decent for both wet and dry conditions but, as with all conventional summer tires, it was not suited to low temperatures. Changes to the tire compound allow the new Cinturato P7 to work in a wider variety of temperatures.

The new tire is "enriched with silica and specific resins that help to increase grip and enhance the function of the tire's polymers," Pirelli said. These materials change their characteristics according to the ambient temperature, maintaining a consistent level of grip.

Designed for luxury cars, the new Cinturato P7 was also designed with reduced road noise and better bump absorption characteristics in mind, according to Pirelli. The company said it also prioritized low rolling resistance, for better fuel economy.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 tire

Pirelli Cinturato P7 tire

Most current luxury cars also feature numerous driver aids, and Pirelli said the Cinturato P7 was designed to work with them. Because it is tuned to work with specific manufacturers' systems, Pirelli claims its tire will get the best performance out of features like lane keep assist.

The new Cinturato P7 is already homologated by automakers for use in 23 specific vehicle applications, on top of the 100 homologations of its predecessor. The tire is available in run-flat form, and with Pirelli's Seal Inside feature, too.

Tire companies have shown off some exotic concepts over the past few years, although it's unclear what will make it to production. Earlier this year, Goodyear unveiled the ReCharge "self-regenerating" concept, and previously unveiled a shape-shifting tire as well.

Pirelli's new P7 tires are scheduled to launch this summer in Europe and Asia. Timing for other markets hasn't been announced.