Nissan X-Trail

  • Nissan Hi-Cross Concept  -  2012 Geneva Motor Show

    At the Geneva Motor Show, Nissan released more details for the Hi-Cross Concept that it's previously teased. At face value, the Hi-Cross provides a first glimpse of a considerably curview next-generation X-Trail crossover—a vehicle that's sold in Europe, Australia, Japan, and other markets. The Hi-Cross, at first look, appears as if it could also serve as a replacement for the Qashqai—the more radically styled, international-market counter to the North American Rogue crossover. With flared fenders, and an overt look that borrows more than a few cues from the smaller Juke...

  • Nissan's Hi-Cross concept
    Nissan Previews Next-Gen X-Trail SUV With Hi-Cross Concept

    Nissan will reveal the Hi-Cross concept at the Geneva Motor Show, and it's expected that the concept will serve as the next generation of X-Trail SUV.

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