• Tesla Autopilot

    Tesla drivers in the United Kingdom have all the more reason to engage the car's AutoPilot system when in the appropriate situation. Direct Line, a British auto insurer, will now offer a 5 percent discount on premiums for drivers who use the self-driving technology. The system's use is actually in Direct Line's favor since the insurer will gain valuable data to understand how self-driving technology impacts safety, and subsequently, the price of insurance premiums. That's correct: an insurance company wants drivers to take a break. The company told Reuters in a report published in early...

  • Totaled Corvette Grand Sport with cracked frame Photo: Corvette Forum/CDM85-251
    All it takes to total a C7 Corvette is one tiny crack

    Taking a quick look at this 2017 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Grand Sport reveals what appears to be no issues. It runs well and has no body damage. But, it's been totaled out by the driver's insurance company thanks to a tiny crack in the frame. According to the owner, who told the story on the Corvette...

  • Man crashes Lamborghini Gallardo on test drive in Sydney
    Europe's Big Brother Insurers Trialing Black Boxes

    For years, women in Europe have been paying less for car insurance than their male counterparts. Statistically, the claims that women make on their insurance are significantly less expensive, hence the lower rates. However, December 2012 brings a European ban on assessing rates based on gender...

  • Ferrari F50 crashed by FBI agent in 2009--Image via WreckedExotics
    U.S. Government Off The Hook For Crashed Ferrari F50

    A District Court Judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by by an insurance company seeking to recover the payout issued after an FBI agent crashed a Ferrari F50 in evidence.

  • Car Accident Sidekick app from the American Lawyer Academy
    Car Accident Sidekick App Claims To Find Nearby Ambulance-Chasers

    Ads from ambulance-chasers make life worth living. Many are so outrageous, so ridiculous, so covered in schmaltz that viewers can't help but smile. But the times they are a-changin': a new app for accident victims could make such cheesy TV spots obsolete. The app is called "Car Accident Sidekick"...

  • Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport
    Fraudsters Claim Luxury Cars As Farm Equipment To Escape High Insurance Bill

    Fraudulent insurance policies for farming vehicles is costing insurance agencies close to $150 million per year.

  • Snapshot car insurance tracking device

    You'd struggle to find someone out there who wouldn't like to pay a little less for their car insurance. Whether you drive an Aveo or an Aventador insurance is a necessary evil. We all want the best service for the lowest prices. If you don't actually drive that much though, and when you do you're a picture of perfection, it seems a little unfair to pay over the odds for your lower-risk lifestyle. That's where Snapshot from Progressive comes in. Snapshot is a Pay As You Go program that allows Progressive to calculate your insurance premium based on how, and how often you drive. Progressive...

  • State Farm Driver Feedback app for iPhone
    Uh-Oh: State Farm Is Watching (And Rating) Your Driving, Too

    Remember Progressive's Snapshot program? Sign up, and the agency sends you a device that plugs into your car's onboard diagnostic port and lets Progressive know how safely you're driving. Score well, and your auto insurance rate could plummet. Score poorly, and your rate might go up. Now State Farm...

  • Classic Car Guide app for iPhone
    Search For Vintage Rides (And Get Insurance Quotes, Too) On 'Classic Car Guide' App

    We've seen a handful of apps for classic car aficionados, and we've seen apps for insurance quotes and claims, but until now, we haven't seen those two services combined in one handy format. Enter the Classic Car Guide for iPhone and iPad. The Classic Car Guide lets fans of vintage rides search for...

  • DriveCam
    Nanny Cams Prove Popular For Parents Of Teen Drivers

    Once upon a time, parents had to be pretty crafty to track their teenagers' driving habits. Sure, they could look for obvious signs of recklessness like dents and scratches, but hard braking? Aggressive driving? Almost impossible to spot without tailing them from a distance. (Which, of course, our...

  • mercedes sl65 amg black series 003
    Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG: Most Expensive 2011 Model To Insure

    If you're salivating over a limited-edition luxury performance vehicle easily capable of triple-digit speeds, four-second zero-to-60 times, hand-made engines, and serialized production—the likes of the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG or Aston Martin DB9—insurance premiums could prompt you to...

  • 2011 Ford Mustang GT
    After 35 Years, Stolen Mustang Returns To Owner

    A Los Angeles publisher has gotten his stolen Mustang back--35 years later. Jack Klunder, president and publisher of the Los Angeles Daily News, had his 1966 Mustang stolen in 1974 while he was at basketball practice in a gym at Rio Hondo Junior College, where he was a student. Klunder's car was...

  • 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

    Don’t you hate it when one of the kids spills soft drink and stains--often permanently--your expensive leather seats, or worse still, when a moment of carelessness on your part leaves an ugly scrape on your bumper at the local shopping center car park. Mercedes-Benz customers need no longer worry about such hassles as the company now offers an insurance product that covers them. The automaker, through its Mercedes-Benz Financial subsidiary, now offers “First Class Exterior” and “First Class Interior” paint and fabric insurance programs. Established to meet demand being generated at...

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera
    Ouch, My Wallet: 2010's 10 Most Expensive Cars To Insure

    We all hate the insurance bill we have to pay, but it beats paying out of pocket when things go wrong.

  • 2010 Range Rover
    Range Rover, HUMMER H2, other luxury cars costly to insure

    That luxury sport-utility vehicle you're eyeing could come with lots of street credentials - as well as a hefty insurance bill. It's no surprise that expensive rides can cost a lot at the showroom, but a new study by drops the other shoe on costs of ownership for the finest, most capable...

  • 2009 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper
    Small car fuel savings offset by higher insurance costs

    Savings at the pump may be a false economy for small cars, as higher insurance costs offset the financial benefits of higher fuel efficiency. For many popular models, the difference in insurance costs can exceed $500, wiping out the savings of a car that gets 35mpg on average over one that gets...

  • Safer driving through video games
    Playing video games could lower your auto insurance rates

    Video games get a lot of blame for social effects they may or may not deserve, but a new pilot program with insurance company Allstate hopes to prove video games can enhance reflexes and improving driving safety. Targeted at drivers aged 50-75, the program could result in reduced rates for drivers...

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