Taking a quick look at this 2017 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Grand Sport reveals what appears to be no issues. It runs well and has no body damage. But, it's been totaled out by the driver's insurance company thanks to a tiny crack in the frame.

According to the owner, who told the story on the Corvette Forum, he was unable to avoid a large rock on an eight-lane wide interstate. With cars on all sides of him, he had no choice but to try to straddle the large chunk of rock. Thankfully, he did fairly well and the rock missed anything with fluids running through it. However, during a dealership inspection, it was revealed the Corvette Grand Sport had suffered a microscopic crack in the frame, which the dealer deemed non-serviceable. Total cost of the damage was $7,600 without the part or labor.

Totaled Corvette Grand Sport with cracked frame Photo: Corvette Forum/CDM85-251

Totaled Corvette Grand Sport with cracked frame Photo: Corvette Forum/CDM85-251

The situation got stickier after the insurance company began looking for ways to fix the issue without totaling out the car. The owner told Jalopnik that Chevrolet itself said replacing the part itself would compromise the integrity of the car. Welding it back to health wouldn't be covered under warranty, either. So, insurance had no choice but to total the car. The value was assessed and the owner has already been paid.

Now, the Corvette Grand Sport will be offered for sale with a salvage title, which may make it a seemingly excellent score for a buyer who will likely never find the issue.

However, we wouldn't recommend taking the car to a track or trusting the integrity of the frame for any type of performance driving. Given the structural nature of the issue, we think this car is best parted out. In that case, it's still probably worth a pretty penny.

What a shame. Stupid rock.