• Dartz Prombron Black Stallion

    The crazy folks at Dartz in November unveiled their latest creation, the Prombron Black Stallion, a vehicle so mean it manages to make the donor Hummer H2 on which it is based look tame in comparison. The first customer example has now been delivered, just in time for Christmas. You might be wondering who actually buys a Dartz. Well, in the case of the first Black Stallion, it was delivered to a company in the Czech Republic that specializes in food and drink products that feature cannabis in their list of ingredients. The SUV will be used to promote the company's new energy drink, SoStoned...

  • Dartz Prombron Black Stallion
    Dartz returns with Hummer H2-based Prombron Black Stallion

    The hulking SUV was developed for a starring role in an upcoming movie.

  • 2010 Range Rover
    Range Rover, HUMMER H2, other luxury cars costly to insure

    That luxury sport-utility vehicle you're eyeing could come with lots of street credentials - as well as a hefty insurance bill. It's no surprise that expensive rides can cost a lot at the showroom, but a new study by drops the other shoe on costs of ownership for the finest, most capable...

  • Raser Technologies electric drive chassis
    Raser Technologies working on 100mpg Hummer H2 plug-in hybrid

    Hummer may have been one of the most demonized vehicle brands of the decade, with both poor sales figures and a terrible environmental reputation - but now Utah’s Raser Technologies is using the iconic Hummer H2 as a base for its new electric technology, which it claims can give the Hummer a...

  • hummer h2 black chrome motorauthority 001
    AM General layoffs could spell end for Hummer H2

    General Motors yesterday announced it would be laying off 2,000 workers and reducing production at 10 North American plants over the coming months. At the same time, AM General, producer of the Hummer H2, laid off 200 workers from its Mishawaka, Indiana plant. Now GM's extended production halts...

  • NHTSA to investigate 2.7m GM models over engine fires
    NHTSA to investigate 2.7m GM models over engine fires

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has intensified an investigation of 21 GM truck and SUV models manufactured between 2006 and 2008 because of the possibility of an engine compartment fire. More than 2.7 million vehicles are now subject to the investigation, which...

  • 2008 HUMMER H2 to roll in at New York

    HUMMER has revealed details about its 2008 model H2 SUV ahead of the car’s official debut at next month’s New York Auto Show. Major changes include a revamped interior with more luxury and safety features as well as a more powerful engine coupled to a new six-speed auto. The new powertrain combination consists of a 6.2L all-aluminum small-block V8 engine, rated at 393hp (293 kW) and 415lb.-ft. of torque (574 Nm). The engine also features lightweight materials, including an aluminum cylinder block, which helps reduce the vehicle's overall mass. Drive is sent to the wheels via...

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