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Dubai nearly ready to bring autonomous passenger drones into service

Dubai to offer flying taxi service using autonomous drones?

Testing is already underway in Dubai on a new means of zipping through a crowded city. It involves an autonomous drone capable of carrying a passenger... and some brave test subjects. Dubai's Roads and Transportation Authority has been examining the drones and provided a demonstration of the... read more

February 16, 2017 by
CityAirbus autonomous taxi rendering

Airbus shows off an autonomous drone taxi concept

Do you love the movie "The Fifth Element"? (That's probably a dumb question because of course you do.) One of the early scenes that grabbed our attention had to be the shots... read more August 24, 2016 by

Flying car in BMW's Wherever You Want To Go trailer

Google founder Page working on flying car

Some details have finally made their way online regarding Google founder Larry Page's ultra-secret startup, Zee.Aero, and they might surprise you: He's working on a flying... read more June 10, 2016 by

Ehang 184 autonomous passenger drone concept - 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

Chinese firm to begin testing drone taxis in Nevada

The future depicted by Hollywood is officially here—or at least on the way. Chinese firm Ehang plans to begin testing a fully autonomous drone capable of carrying human... read more June 8, 2016 by

Ehang 184 autonomous passenger drone concept - 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

China’s Ehang Unveils Autonomous Passenger Drone: Video

Small, remote-controlled drones, usually with cameras mounted to them, have become a popular gadget for tech buffs, but a company from China took the concept of a personal... read more January 8, 2016 by

Terrafugia Flying Car

New Terrafugia Animation Keeps Flying Car Dream Alive: Video

Flying car company Terrafugia hasn't yet delivered a single example of its first effort, called the Transition, to customers. Of course, that hasn't stopped it from releasing... read more July 21, 2015 by

Aeromobil flying car wreckage - Image via SME

Aeromobil Flying Car Crashes During Test Flight

Despite the list of difficulties of getting a flying car into production being a vast one, there’s no shortage of enterprising businessmen and women trying to be the... read more May 11, 2015 by


Germany's Carplane Is Latest Entry Into Vapor-Rich Flying Car Market

Raise the prospect of owning a of houseboat among the nautically inclined, and you're sure to hear the famous phrase describing the perils of the—admittedly... read more April 29, 2015 by

Aeromobil 3.0 flying car prototype

Aeromobil Flying Car Takes To The Skies: Video

Slovakian startup Aeromobil used this week’s Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria to unveil the latest version of its flying car and demonstrate the vehicle in full... read more October 30, 2014 by

Aeromobil 2.5 flying car

Another Flying Car: Slovakian Aeromobil 2.5 Makes First Test Flight

The future must be here, because people keep building flying cars. First, there was the Terrafugia Transition. Now, there's the Aeromobil, which hails from Slovakia... read more October 23, 2013 by

Terrafugia Transition Flying Car

Terrafugia Transition Takes To The Skies At EAA AirVenture 2013

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... no wait, it looks like it's just a plane. It's the Terrafugia Transition to be more precise, and the so-called flying car took to the air... read more August 1, 2013 by

Terrafugia TF-X

Terrafugia Already Planning Second Flying Car: Video

Roads? Where Terrafugia wants you to go, you don- ... Okay, you still need roads, but you can also make use of all of that blue sky right above your head. Terrafugia is a... read more May 7, 2013 by

The Terrafugia Transition roadable aircraft

Terrafugia Flying Car Completes Initial Flight Testing

With one more milestone in the books, flying car builder Terrafugia is another step closer to launching its Transition model, as shown at April's New York Auto Show. The... read more July 2, 2012 by

The Terrafugia Transition roadable aircraft

Terrafugia Transition Flying Car Makes Its Auto Show Debut In New York

Of all the lies that Popular Science told us in the 1970s, the rise of flying automobiles is the one that still eats at us the most. Stuck in endless traffic jams, choking on... read more March 1, 2012 by

Terrafugia Transition flying car

Terrafugia's Flying Car Closer To Reality With DOT Approval

It's the dream of every motorist stuck in an endless queue of traffic: Press a few buttons and quickly soar above all the other poor souls wasting their lives away at a... read more July 5, 2011 by

Terrafugia Transition Roadable Aircraft maiden flight

Terrafugia Transition takes its maiden flight

Flying cars have been one of the primary disappointments of the 21st century's expected innovations. The fact remains that nothing approaching what so many enthusiasts had... read more March 18, 2009 by


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