While flying cars aren't expected to arrive anytime soon, one Miami real estate developer is preparing for the future. Even if flying cars never actually show up.

Local Miami news station WSVN 7 reported last Friday that a new residential building under construction will feature a flying car skyport on the roof. Called the Paramount Miami World Center, the project's CEO Daniel Kodsi said inspiration for the skyport came from the cartoon "The Jetsons." He said America has talked about flying cars for decades and the cartoon, which was last produced in 1963, inspired him to include the skyport in the upcoming residential tower.

The 60-story apartment building will include access to the skyport where residents will (presumably one day) be able to land a passenger drone on the roof and then access the apartments directly. Flying car owners or riders won't need to head down to the lobby for access. The Paramount Miami World Center Sales Gallery produced the above video to show off how the skyport might work.

First flying car skyport in Miami, Florida

First flying car skyport in Miami, Florida

Today, work continues on numerous "flying car" type of projects, but none of them are ready for prime time. Most companies continue to work on prototypes that are often referred to as vertical take-off and landing machines, or VTOLs. The vehicles use propellers like a helicopter to take off from anywhere, but plenty of challenges remain. Not only is the technology in its infancy, but plenty of red tape exists. Today, it would be impossible for a company to launch flying cars in cities due to regulations.

To help begin to combat the regulation, some companies are already working to clear the way. Uber, for example, partnered with NASA to study flying car management. Any sort of flying car and services attached to one will need approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

When that time will come, no one knows. However, the Paramount Miami World Center and its flying car skyport should be finished by the end of this year.