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  • Hector's Honda Civic from 'The Fast and the Furious'

    We all know and love the hero cars from "The Fast and the Furious," but how about one of the lesser appreciated cars? Craig Lieberman, technical director for the first three "Fast and Furious" films, is back with a seriously in-depth video about the Honda Civic driven by Noel Gugliemi's character Hector. The car, a fifth-generation Civic known as an "EG" hatchback, was a serious show car at the time. Lieberman explained the car came from D2 Technik, a shop based in California. Before you Google, the shop has since closed. Aside from a roster of modifications to help the little pocket rocket...

  • 2020 Honda Civic Si
    2020 Honda Civic Si gets revised looks, more standard tech

    For 2020, the Civic Si adds some standard safety hardware—and it gets a shorter final-drive ratio.

  • 2019 Honda Civic Type R
    2019 Honda Civic Type R just got more expensive, again

    If you were interested in driving away in the Honda Civic Type R, be prepared to pay slightly more as Honda has just upped the price tag. It's the second time the automaker has raised prices on the Civic Type R for 2019. According to a letter from Honda, obtained by Cars Direct, pricing on the 2019...

  • Honda Civic Type oveRland by RHEL (Ralph Hosier Engineering)
    Lift kit turns Honda Civic Type R into a rally monster

    Honda's Civic Type R is one of the fastest front-wheel-drive cars around a racetrack, but the version from Ralph Hosier Engineering will beat almost anything off the track as well.

  • 2020 Honda Civic Type R facelift spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien
    2020 Honda Civic Type R spy shots and video

    Honda's Civic Type R remains the fastest front-wheel-drive car at six top racetracks around the globe, including the Nürburgring. Now an updated version is on the way and expected to lift the performance bar further.

  • 2019 Honda Civic Type R made from Lego
    This Lego Honda Civic Type R weighs as much as the real thing

    Lego enthusiasts in Australia have crafted an entire Honda Civic Type R out of the tiny plastic bricks to help celebrate the local launch of the “Lego Masters” television show. The team of nine spent over 1,300 hours to build the life-size model and used close to 320,000 individual Lego...

  • Honda Civic Type R police car for New South Wales, Australia

    The Australian New South Wales police force has a mighty different police car in its fleet. The department and Honda announced the Civic Type R was recruited to join the force as part of the NSW police's Eyewatch program. The Honda Civic Type R won't be used for actual patrol purposes, according to information Honda and the department released on Wednesday. Instead it will be used in numerous community outreach programs. Honda loaned the car to the force for 12 months and the department plans to take it to numerous Eyewatch events. The Eyewatch program works to connect communities with local...

  • Honda Civic hatchback production in Swindon, UK
    Honda Civic Type R production moving to North America as UK plant closes

    Honda will move production of the Civic's hatchback body style from a plant in the United Kingdom to North America, the automaker's CEO has confirmed. The news, which was widely expected, comes just a week after the automaker announced it will close its plant at Swindon in South West England in...

  • Honda Civic hatchback production in Swindon, UK
    Honda to close UK plant, Civic hatchback and Type R production could come to North America

    Amid a global manufacturing restructure, Honda confirmed on Tuesday that it intends to shut down its production plant in the United Kingdom. The shutdown will effectively pull Honda manufacturing from England. The plant, located in Swindon, currently builds the Honda Civic hatchback and the Civic...

  • 2019 Honda Civic Type R
    2019 Honda Civic Type R receives round of updates, $36,595 starting price

    The Honda Civic Type R soldiers on into the 2019 model year with limited changes, but buyers will have to shell out $1,000 more over 2018's model. Honda revealed pricing and details for the Civic Type R on Thursday, which included the price bump. For 2019, the hot hatchback will cost $36,595, an...

  • Jenson Button drives the 2017 Honda Civic Type R at the Hungaroring
    F1 champ Jenson Button sets 2017 Honda Civic Type R's final lap record

    Honda has been out to prove the performance of its Civic Type R since the feisty hatch debuted for the 2017 model year, and its yardstick has been to set the lap record for front-wheel-drive cars at famous race tracks around the globe, including the Nürburgring. The final attempt took place...

  • Honda Civic Type R sets new lap record at Spa
    Honda Civic Type R sets FWD track record at Spa

    Honda has a hot hit on its hands with the Civic Type R. This is one fast front driver, and it's fully capable of putting all 306 of its horsepower to good use. Case in point: Honda just set a new front-wheel-drive production car record at Belgium's Spa-Francorchamps Circuit. With Super GT driver...

  • Honda Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept

    Car-based pickups are nothing new. The Aussies have been building them for decades, although sadly that's no longer the case. Recently, a team of Honda engineers in the United Kingdom decided to give the concept a go using a Civic Type R, the Motor Authority Best Car To Buy winner for 2018. The result is this one-off Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept which was presented on Thursday during the SMMT Test Day driving event over in the UK. The pickup isn't like your standard truck. Instead of a tailgate that lowers, the Civic Type R Pickup Truck, code-named Project P, retains part of the regular...

  • 2017 Honda Civic Type R
    Honda Civic Type R price bumped $600

    For the second time, Honda has given its raucous Civic Type R a price bump. Now, the hot hatch costs an extra $600. Cars Direct reported on Friday that as of May 1, a new Civic Type R will set buyers back $35,595, including destination. That includes the $600 MSRP increase and an extra $5 increase...

  • Honda Civic Type R BTCC Race Car
    New Honda Civic Type R race car ready for British Touring Car Championship

    Car enthusiasts in the UK have experienced many a hopped-up Honda Civic Type R over the years, and the new model is a hit over there as well as in the States. It makes sense, then, that a number of those British cars would go racing. In fact, Honda has dominated the British Touring Car Championship...

  • Why the Honda Civic Type R doesn't have torque steer
    Why doesn't the Honda Civic Type R have (much) torque steer?

    The Honda Civic Type R is an impressive little beastie. In fact, if you missed it, we named Honda's hot hatch the Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018. We lauded its handling capabilities, and a major part of the magic is how Honda managed to basically eliminate torque steer in a 306-horsepower...

  • 2018 Honda Civic Type R
    Honda Civic Type R: Motor Authority's Best Car To Buy 2018

    Every year at Motor Authority we drive hundreds of vehicles to tell you what's best—swank luxury sedans to hypercars that chew through miles. This year we had a wide-ranging mix including a superb Porsche Panamera, a stunning Lexus LC 500, an upstart Kia Stinger GT that we loved to drive. But...

  • 2017 Honda Civic Type R
    Honda Civic Type R sees small price hike for 2018 model year

    For 2018, Honda will not implement any changes to its banner hot hatchback, the Civic Type R, but will raise the price slightly higher than what it was in 2017 model year. Following the abbreviated model year, the 2018 Civic Type R will arrive with a small $215 price bump to bring the MSRP from...

  • Honda Civic Type R crate engine

    Honda wants to bring its powerful turbocharged VTEC engine, found in the Civic Type R, to the masses. On Monday, it revealed the 2.0-liter inline-4 unit, referred to internally as the K20C1, in crate engine form. The reveal took place at an event outlining Honda's showcase for this week's 2017 SEMA show. The crate engine boasts identical specifications to the Honda Civic Type R—the same specs that helped hustle the hot hatchback around the Nürburgring in 7:43.8 and claim the record of world's fastest front-wheel-drive production car. That means 306 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and peak...

  • 2017 Honda Civic Type R
    Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018 nominee: Honda Civic Type R

    Honda fans in America have wanted patiently. As other countries got four generations of Civic Type Rs, we looked on longingly. Now it's our turn. The 2017 Honda Civic Type R shoves 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque through its front wheels and handles it expertly. A front suspension...

  • 2017 Honda Civic Si First Drive
    Living with the 2017 Honda Civic Si: the good and the bad

    The latest Honda Civic is also the best Honda Civic. That's an easy statement to make, but it's not quite as simple when you add the “Si” designation on the end. Because despite a raft of bad Civics for the current model to overshadow, the reality is that the Si range has been a much...

  • 2018 Honda Civic Type R TCR race car
    2018 Honda Civic Type R TCR racer revealed

    The first version of the new Honda Civic Type R designed for motorsport has been revealed. The Type R race car has been developed by Italy’s JAS Motorsport for the 2018 season of the burgeoning Touringcar Racer International Series, an FIA-sanctioned series with low costs to entry. The series...

  • 2017 Honda Civic Type R
    2017 Honda Civic Type R power figures may be underrated

    The 2017 Honda Civic Type R arrives in the United States for the first time with some serious performance credentials. Honda engineers were able to extract a whopping 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque from the standard 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4. Honda has always been pretty good at...

  • 2017 Honda Civic Type R
    Honda looks at adding power, all-wheel drive to Civic Type R

    Honda's Civic Type R has finally landed in the United States, but the automaker is already hinting at adding new variants. Honda wants the additional variants to keep interest in the Civic Type R, its halo in the U.S., alive after the initial buzz has worn off. It’s a formula that’s...

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