• 2021 Aurus Komendant spy shots - Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

    Russia's Aurus is working on a luxury SUV to take on the Land Rover Range Rover and Bentley Bentayga.

  • 2019 Aurus Senat
    The Aurus Senat, aka Putin's limo, priced at $274,000

    New Russian brand Aurus will follow up its Senat sedan with an SUV and minivan.

  • 2019 Aurus Arsenal - Image via Motor1
    First look at Arsenal van from Russian luxury brand Aurus

    The second model from new Russian luxury brand Aurus has been spotted on the streets of Moscow. Still in development, the model is a minivan to be called the Arsenal and due on sale in Russia in 2019. It will join the Senat sedan in the Aurus lineup, a stretched and heavily armored version of which...

  • 2019 Aurus Senat
    Aurus Senat: Civilian version of Putin's limo makes 2018 Moscow auto show debut

    Well-heeled Russians will soon be able to roll around in the same car as their president, Vladimir Putin. New Russian luxury car brand Aurus used this week's 2018 Moscow auto show to unveil the civilian version of the Senat sedan. This is the car that forms the basis of Russia's newest state...

  • Putin takes delivery of his new presidential limo
    Putin takes delivery of his new presidential limo

    In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin was once again elected President of his nation, and he took the oath of office on Monday. With that title came a swanky new set of wheels that Putin used for his ride to his inauguration ceremony at the Kremlin. The Russian Central Scientific Research...

  • Prototypes for President Trump and Putin's state limos
    Trump and Putin receive their presidential rides this summer

    One of the perks of being the head of state of a major country is that you normally receive a heavily armored albeit still plush limo to ride in. And when we're talking nations the size of the United States and Russia, you'll find the leaders often receive standalone models that you won't see in a...

  • Russian presidential limo (Kortezh) spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

    No, you’re not looking at a new Bentley or Rolls-Royce in the works. Rather, this stubby, high-sided sedan is the next presidential limo for the Russian state. Referred to as Project Kortezh, the sedan is the result of Russia’s request for a locally-developed car to transport dignitaries, including current President Vladimir Putin. Three other vehicles are being developed as part of Project Kortezh; a long-wheelbase sedan, an SUV and a van. Early concepts for the four vehicles were presented in 2014 (shown below). Our spy shots of a prototype reveal that the production version of...

  • Russian presidential limousine concepts (Image via RG. RU)
    New details emerge on Russian President Putin's limo

    After what's said to be more than a year of testing, Russian President Vladimir Putin's new ride is almost ready. A report in Russia-centric Sputnik News indicates that the the company behind the Russian head of state's official transportation is set to conduct preliminary crash testing next month...

  • Russian presidential limousine concepts (Image via RG. RU)
    Moscow reveals Presidential limo concepts, may seek Porsche's help

    About a year ago, it was reported that the Russian government had requested local automakers to come up with designs for a series of luxury vehicles that could be used to transport officials and possibly even form the basis of a new Russian luxury car brand. At present the Russian government uses...

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