After what's said to be more than a year of testing, Russian President Vladimir Putin's new ride is almost ready.

A report in Russia-centric Sputnik News indicates that the the company behind the Russian head of state's official transportation is set to conduct preliminary crash testing next month.

Putin's new domestically-produced limousine won't be the only one. Four versions of the Kortezh (or, alternately, Cortege) lineup are set to be offered, with annual production likely to be capped at around 5,000 units.

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Russian presidential limousine concepts (Image via RG. RU)

Russian presidential limousine concepts (Image via RG. RU)

Russian news sites say that the cars will be built at the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute in Moscow. 

Not many details on the new cars have been released, so we're left only to speculate about what powers them. Early prototypes shown almost two years ago (pictured) featured rather gaudy styling and some interior trim cribbed from Mercedes-Benz.

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The final versions won't go on sale until late next year, so we likely have some time before they're actually shown to the public. Aside from limousines, an armored four-wheel-drive vehicle is also expected.

Likely bound only for Russian oligarchs, the new Kortezh limos will undoubtedly be a big status symbol in Moscow.