Volvo on Tuesday announced plans to change the names of the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge electric compact crossovers to fit the new naming strategy the automaker introduced with the debut of the EX90 back in 2022.

The XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge have been renamed the EX40 and EC40, respectively. The new names match the strategy used for Volvo's new electric vehicles like the EX30 subcompact crossover and EM90 minivan, as well as the aforementioned EX90 midsize SUV.

Under the strategy, the EX designation signifies electric crossovers and SUVs, the EC designation signifies electric coupes and coupe-like crossovers and SUVs, and the EM designation signifies electric minivans.

Versions of the XC40 equipped with a gas engine will keep the current XC40 name, though plug-in hybrid XC40 Recharge models will lose the Recharge designation. Instead, the plug-in hybrids will feature a T6 or T8 designation, depending on their power level.

2025 Volvo EC40 (Europe spec)

2025 Volvo EC40 (Europe spec)

Details for the U.S. market haven't been announced, but the new names will likely be introduced here for the 2025 model year. That's also when the EX30 and EX90 are due to start sales here. The EM90 is destined for the Chinese market only at present.

Volvo on Tuesday also announced a Performance upgrade for range-topping dual-motor all-wheel-drive versions of the EX40 and EX40. Via software, the Performance upgrade boosts output to 435 hp. The upgrade also delivers improved response from the accelerator, the automaker said. The upgrade will also be available for the 2024 XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge.

Volvo also announced a Black Edition upgrade for the EX40, XC40, and EC40. Similar to the Black Edition treatment offered on the 2024 XC60, the upgrade adds black-colored touches inside and out, including standard 20-inch wheels finished in gloss black.