Trademark filings made by BMW with a patent and trademark office in Germany suggest a rebranding of Alpina is currently in the works.

The filings, first spotted by members of the i5 Talk forum, show a new stylized look for the Alpina name that is much more modern than the current design. The flat, minimalist look is also better suited for digital mediums compared to the current design.

Alpina is a tuner of BMW vehicles that is older than even BMW's M division. BMW acquired the rights to the Alpina name last year in a deal that puts BMW in charge of Alpina vehicle production beginning in 2025.

In the deal, the original Alpina, based in Buchloe in BMW's home state of Bavaria, will focus on vehicle development as well as the service, parts, and accessories side of the business.

Alpina trademark filed by BMW - June 2023

Alpina trademark filed by BMW - June 2023

BMW may introduce the rebranding in the lead up to or shortly after the 2025 transition.

Alpina vehicles are highly sought after, but the company's limited capacity means it only builds a few thousand vehicles annually. As a result, its products tend to sell out quickly. With BMW set to take over production, it's likely volumes will increase and possibly more models will be introduced.

Alpina's most recent models in the U.S. have included the 2023 XB7 based on the BMW X7 and the 2022 B8 Gran Coupe based on the 8-Series Gran Coupe.