It may appear that Infiniti is dying on the vine, but a revamp with new products and new store designs is currently underway.

Infiniti provided U.S. dealers with an early look at the plans during a meeting held in Beverly Hills, California, on Wednesday, where the automaker presented a redesigned QX80, a new QX65, and a pair of electric vehicles.

Citing dealers in attendance, Automotive News (subscription required) reported that the new QX80 arrives next summer with a price tag of more than $100,000 and a turbocharged V-6 rated at 450 hp. The current QX80 starts at $74,395, including a $1,695 destination charge, and is powered by a 400-hp V-8.

To justify the increased starting price, as well as help differentiate the QX80 from new versions of the Nissan Armada and Patrol twins also in the works, Infiniti will reportedly add more content and technology to its three-row SUV, including active air suspension, a 24-inch display for a digital instrument cluster and infotainment screen, and the latest in connectivity and electronic driver-assist systems.

Artist's impression of new Infiniti store design

Artist's impression of new Infiniti store design

The redesigned QX80 will reportedly be followed in mid-2025 by a QX65, a two-row SUV that will be a coupe-like version of the mid-size QX60. It will follow the path of the QX55, which is the coupe-like version of the compact QX50.

Infiniti will then launch a pair of EVs, according to Automotive News. The first is said to be due in late 2026 and will fill the space of the Q70 sedan thanks to proportions and design similar to the Tesla Model S.

The second EV is due in mid-2027 and will be a crossover. Both EVs were teased by Infiniti in 2021 and are planned for production at Nissan's plant in Canton, Mississippi.

Infiniti's U.S. sales fell to 46,619 units in 2022, which is the lowest since 1992, when the brand was just three years old. To help double annual sales to around 100,000 units later this decade, Infiniti will also introduce a more modern design for retail outlets. Infiniti's logo used on vehicle front grilles will also take on a three-dimensional look to help serve as a focal point for the front of the vehicle while expressing a sense of motion and dynamism, the automaker has said.