A redesigned Audi Q5 is in the works and a prototype has been spotted. The latest test vehicle is for the sporty SQ5 variant that should arrive alongside the regular Q5 sometime next year. Both should be 2025 models.

We know the prototype is for the SQ5 because of the four-pipe arrangement of the exhaust tips in back, the enlarged air intakes up front, and the large wheels housing large brake rotors. The regular Q5 only has a pair of exhaust tips on the left side of the rear fasica. Prototypes for both versions are featured in the video below.

We get a glimpse of the dashboard in one of the shots, and it appears to reveal the now ubiquitous single panel combining a digital instrument cluster and an infotainment screen.

The new Q5 will be the third generation of the nameplate and should arrive with somewhat familiar styling and powertrain options. It will likely ride on an evolution of parent company Volkswagen Group's MLB platform designed for premium front-wheel-drive vehicles and found in the current Q5.

Notably, the new Q5 will be the last generation with gas engines as Audi will only launch electric vehicles starting in 2026.

In the case of the SQ5, expect the powertrain to be the same turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 found in the current SQ5, possibly with a hybrid component attached. Peak power should eclipse the current model's 349 hp. An 8-speed automatic and all-wheel drive should also form part of the package.

Production of the new Q5 range for North America should take place at Audi's plant in Mexico, where the current model is built.

Before we see the new Q5, Audi will launch a redesigned A4 Avant wagon. The new wagon is rumored to be rebadged as an A5 Avant as part of a naming strategy shift that will give internal-combustion models an odd number in their names, and electric vehicles an even number. A redesigned A4 is expected at some point, though as an EV only.