Photos of two new Cadillacs likely destined for sale exclusively in China recently surfaced on the website of the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The photos, which have been published on popular Chinese automotive website Autohome, show a redesigned CT6 full-size sedan and a new compact crossover called the GT4.

Both vehicles feature gas powertrains, which is in contrast with Cadillac's plans to exclusively launch electric vehicles in the U.S.

The original CT6 bowed out of the U.S. after 2020 but remains on sale in China. Prototypes of the redesigned CT6 have been spotted in recent months and a debut in China should take place in 2023.

New Cadillac CT6 - Photo credit: Autohome

New Cadillac CT6 - Photo credit: Autohome

The redesigned CT6 features the same 122.4-inch wheelbase as its predecessor, though it's slightly shorter overall. Instead of the traditional notchback design of the original CT6, the redesigned version adopts a curved roof with a fastback design.

The GT4 is a newcomer. According to Motor1, the crossover's wheelbase sits between the wheelbases of the compact XT4 and mid-size XT5. It also features a fastback design.

Production of both Cadillacs will be handled by SAIC-GM, GM's main Chinese joint venture.

While the U.S. will likely miss out on the redesigned CT6 and new GT4, Cadillac has some new EVs planned for this market. The 2024 Celestiq flagship has already been revealed. A compact crossover has also been spotted testing ahead of a likely 2024 arrival, and Cadillac is known to be working on a new three-row SUV positioned above the Lyriq, as well as an electric Escalade.