The Macan is Porsche's most popular model, managing 88,362 sales worldwide in 2021, with the Cayenne a close second at 83,071 sales.

But the Macan will be turned into an electric vehicle for its next generation. The current gas-powered Macan will stick around for a short period after the arrival of the electric version, currently expected to be next year.

Despite the switch to electric power, Porsche is confident it will be able to maintain the Macan's stellar sales performance in the long term, the automaker's production chief, Albrecht Reimold, told Germany's Automobilwoche in an interview published on Sunday.

"We produce more than 80,000 units per year of the current generation,” he said. “In the long term, we also plan to produce the all-electric Macan on this scale."

2024 Porsche Macan EV spy shots - Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

2024 Porsche Macan EV spy shots - Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

Reimold also said the gas-powered Macan will be sold in parallel with the electric version for only about two years.

Porsche probably won't have to wait long for the electric Macan to match sales of its gas-powered counterpart. The Taycan, which sits in a higher price bracket than the Macan, and in the unloved sedan segment, managed 41,296 sales in 2021, making it Porsche's third most popular model. In contrast, the electric Macan will have the advantage of an expected lower price tag and membership in the hot SUV segment.

Porsche has been spotted testing prototypes of the electric Macan. The vehicle will look similar to the gas-powered model but sport the more square-shaped headlights that debuted on the Taycan. Underpinning the vehicle will be Volkswagen Group's new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) modular platform developed by Audi and Porsche. Audi is out testing a Q6 E-Tron, which will be the first recipient of the platform and a close relative of the electric Macan.

Porsche in July also confirmed plans for electric SUV positioned above the Cayenne. It will be built at the same plant as the electric Macan, though its arrival isn't planned until the second half of the decade. An electric 718 sports car is also due around 2025, and Porsche is thought to be planning an electric successor to the Panamera as well.